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Poetry is Among a Number of Things to Do in San Diego

San Diego real estate is the home for many poets and poetry lovers. Just take a peek at some of the poetry and musical events taking place this year:

  • Poetry & Art 2012: The San Diego Art Institute presents the husband and wife team of Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris at the Museum of the Living Artist. Kaminsky hails from the Ukraine, and has received boffo reviews for Dancing in Odessa, his collected poems. He has garnered many awards and has been extensively published. Farris is a professor, translator, poet and fiction writer.
  • Open Mic: An opportunity to interact expressively with the presenter in an inspiring evening of entertainment and exploration.
  • San Diego Symphony Young People's Choice: Copley Symphony Hall hosts a concert in which your youngster can tell the orchestra what to play. Kill the Wabbit is always a favorite.
  • Balboa Park Outdoor Poetry Reading: Itís a free open-air poetry reading at the shady Poetry Bench. Come on over to read or listen.
  • Shakespeare Society Open Reading: The Upstart Crow Bookstore hosts a monthly open reading that is lively and fun. Plus, the coffee is great.
  • "Poetry" (2010): A presentation of the Coming of Age Film Festival at the Museum of Photographic Arts. The film explores the journey of an older woman in the early stages of Alzheimer's as she enrolls in a poetry class. Very deep.
  • Mindy Zhang: She will read poetry at the San Diego State University Library as the featured artists of the Laurie Okuma Memorial Reading. Zhang has published five poetry collections, plus a set of Chinese essays.
  • Discovering Your Haiku-Mind: Presented at Open Door Books, you can explore the One-Breath Poem, an introduction to Haiku.
  • Visual Poetry Ways of Seeing: At the UCSD Extension in La Jolla. This is an exercise in interpreting photographs as poems, allowing you to develop your narrative skills and vision.
  • North County Open Reading: Takes place at the Encinitas Library and sponsored by the Shakespeare Society. Join in or just listen. You are assigned a part before each scene so everyone gets to participate. Please bring your own copy of the complete works of Shakespeare. You do have your own copy, don't you darling?

As you can see, San Diego is dripping with poetry. Don't be shy - read your own poetry aloud or come listen as others do so. In either case, you'll have a blast!