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ChicagoPostModernPoetry.com: Poetry about Flowers

One of the most abundant topics for poets is poetry about flowers. It is not uncommon for a poet to order flowers and reflect on the smells and colors of the different floral combinations. It has led to many an inspired piece of work. There are entire volumes of poems that are devoted to floral love. The great poet Carl Sandburg said, "Poetry is the silence and speech between a wet struggling root of a flower and a sunlit blossom of that flower." Even the roots of the plant are made beautiful by the flowing language of the poet. From Violets to Crepe Myrtles to even Tulips, the garden world is respected by writers.

There are numerous volumes of poetry about flowers. They involve whole gardens of flowers and insects. They also talk of rich luxurious colors and heavenly scents to heighten your passions such as the talk that lovers make one to another in the midst of falling in love. Women compared to flowers and vice versa. What other medium compares a woman's lips to the petals of a rose. They talk of trysts among the flowers and how a woman's gentleness is compared to that of a fragile flower. More difficult women are compared to roses in that they are beautiful but are covered in hidden thorns so men should beware.

There is author more renowned that wrote poetry about flowers than Ralph Waldo Emerson and Lord Alfred Tennyson. Both of these infamous authors talk of nature and all that she holds as a woman to be understood and cared for. These authors truly saw the beauty and depth of the flower and he hidden meaning that each petal holds. Using poetry as a means of expressing sheer natural feelings in a way that transformed the reader into a different personal space, these authors used nature to express how while nature is temperamental she is also predictable in the repetition of the beauty she produces.

Writing poetry about flowers is not simply writing about flowers but is often used in writing about love and human existence. It is writing about the sole and using the flowers as visual examples of feelings. This is an amazingly affective way to put the reader in the same frame of mind as the writer. It gives the reader and the author some common ground to relate to that can easily transfer the thoughts of the writer to the reader in using the undeniable common beauty of nature's flowers.